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Group therapy gives you an opportunity to make connections with people and build a support team to help you manage your mental health needs. The mental health experts at Strategies for Success in Chandler, Gilbert, Anthem and Casa Grande, Arizona, offer many types of group therapy to meet a wide range of needs. Request an appointment online to learn more about group therapy options.

Group Therapy Q&A

What is group therapy?

Group therapy is a type of psychotherapy led by one or two therapists that includes up to 12 people struggling with similar experiences in their life, to share, relate and problem solve with others and a professional guide. 

At Strategies for Success, your group therapy may be part of your comprehensive treatment, which may include individual therapy and medication management. Or, it may be the only treatment, depending on your needs. 

What are the types of group therapy offered at Strategies for Success?

Strategies for Success offers many types of group therapy and classes that focus on a variety of needs. The types of group therapy include:

Positive Parenting Coaching Program

Strategies for Success offers an evidence-based positive parenting program. It offers Coaching for parents with children between the ages of 0-12 and 13-17, because, being a parent doesn't come with a manual, right? This is a very hands on course let by a professionally trained Positive Parenting Program instructor. 

This Coaching program includes 10 hours of class instruction and weekly individual coaching to assist implementation of concepts learned in class with your instructor. 


The LGBTQIIA+ teen group is for teens who are questioning or identify with the LGBTQIIA+ community, to come together in a safe, private space. 

During group therapy sessions, discussion topics may include anxiety, dysphoria, school, family dynamics, confidence, social media, and more. Parental consent is required to participate.

Teen Social Skills

Teens will learn to identify, express and manage their emotions and practice important communication skills to navigate the social mysteies of teen life. The instructor utilizes evidence-based instruction of Experiential,  Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Cognitive-Behavioral therapy for teens having a hard time managing their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors while navigating their social world.  

Adult Trangender Circle

The adult trans support circle at Strategies for Success is a private virtual space that allows questioning and transgender adults to get support, share ideas, and learn strategies to navigate personal, occupational, and family dynamics. This group is for members ages 18+, and is held virtually. 

Women's Connection

This virtual only all-women's group provides support, tools and discussion to work on becoming the best version of yourself.  Come join us!

Am I a candidate for group therapy?

To see if you’re a candidate for group therapy, your provider first conducts an initial evaluation so they can fully understand your needs and goals and provide a personalized treatment plan, which may include a group therapy program. Contact your Care Coordinator to enroll in one of the groups offered!

Teen groups do require parental consent.

Contact Strategies for Success or schedule a group therapy consultation online today.