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Benefits of Virtual Therapy or Telehealth

Virtual therapy has many benefits that make it an attractive option for individuals seeking mental health treatment including accessibility, affordability, flexibility, anonymity, and access to a wider range of mental health professionals.
May 5th, 2023

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental health awareness month is observed every year in May, with the goal of raising awareness and reducing stigma around mental health issues.
May 4th, 2023

Depression Doesn't Have to Last!

Depression is a serious illness, but it is also highly treatable. Counseling can be a powerful tool in managing depression and improving your overall quality of life. With the right treatment and support, you can overcome depression.
Apr 28th, 2023

An Effective Anxiety Treatment: Counseling

Counseling is an effective and important treatment for anxiety. It provides individuals with a safe and supportive environment to explore the underlying causes of their anxiety while developing coping skills.
Apr 25th, 2023

Group Therapy: Benefits for All

Group therapy can be an effective and affordable way to receive support and guidance for mental health issues. It offers a safe and confidential space to connect with others who are going through similar struggles, and provides multiple perspectives.
Apr 24th, 2023

What Are Triple-P Parenting Classes?

Triple P is an evidence-based parenting program that aims to promote positive relationships between parents and children and prevent and manage behavioral and emotional problems in children.
Apr 21st, 2023

The History and Progression of TMS Therapy

TMS is a non-invasive therapy that uses magnetic fields to stimulate nerve cells in the brain, treating mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety. TMS therapy has a promising history of development since its discovery in the 19th century.
Apr 20th, 2023

TMS Therapy Effecacy on Depression

TMS therapy is an effective non-invasive treatment for depression that uses magnetic fields to stimulate the brain. Clinical evidence indicates that it is more effective than sham treatment and well-tolerated.
Apr 18th, 2023

How Effective is IOP for Substance Abuse?

Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs) can effectively treat mild to moderate substance abuse by offering flexible treatment, support, and individualized plans. IOPs reduce substance use, improve overall functioning, and reduce the risk of relapse.
Apr 17th, 2023

Mental Health Challenges Facing Teens Post-Covid

Blog about how COVID-19 has affected teens' mental health and how they can cope. It covers issues like depression, anxiety, trauma and substance use. It also gives tips like talking to someone, seeking help, self-care and making social connections.
Mar 6th, 2023

How to Manage Anger Issues with Therapy

This blog explains how therapy can help people with anger issues by identifying the causes, teaching coping strategies and improving communication skills.
Mar 3rd, 2023

The benefits of an Intensive Outpatient Program

A discuss the benefits of intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) for individuals seeking treatment for substance abuse. The post highlights the flexibility, structured support, personalized treatment, accessible treatment, and long-term support that IOPs c
Feb 26th, 2023

Strategies for Success is on the Move!!!

We are very pleased to be able to continue to be a premier resource to the South East Valley Community for Counseling and Wellness services. We have moved into our South Chandler location and have opened an new office in Gilbert.
Jan 12th, 2022

Self-Care During Covid-19 Part 2.

It’s OK to be a little Bit Selfish In today’s world, it is so hard to escape reality. I’ve been trying really hard to not watch the news,...
Apr 15th, 2020

Self-Care During Covid-19

During this Covid19 Pandemic, we are all experiencing added stressors, making life even more challenging. Working around trying to juggle work and home,...
Apr 9th, 2020

A Guide On How To Deal with Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Now that we are all learning to live with our “new normal,” with the Covid-19, it is so important to take this time to self-reflect. Ask yourself, “how am I doing?” and make sure to take notice and act when your stress level is beyond where it should be.
Apr 2nd, 2020

New Counselor Starts in March

Strategies for Success is excited to welcome Regina Robison to the practice starting March 23, 2015. Regina’s strengths as a clinician include being compassionate, non-judgmental, and utilizes a strengths-based approach to care.
Mar 2nd, 2015

Understanding The Nurtured Heart Approach

By Janine Stanley, Licensed Professional Counselor I have been asked several times to explain this “Nurtured Heart Approach” by many friends, co-workers, parents and clients.
Jun 4th, 2014

Be Here Now

by Suzanne Northey, M.S. LMFT at Strategies for Success, Chandler location Are you looking for a way to increase your joy? Do you want to learn to have greater appreciation for the people in your life?
Jan 5th, 2014

Improving Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence, Part 2

by Jennifer Menichello, LPC at Strategies for Success in Chandler, AZ Last month, I suggested some things you can try on your own or with the help of your therapist to help you feel better about yourself.
Dec 2nd, 2013

Pet Project

by Suzanne Northey, M.S. LMFT at Strategies for Success in Chandler, Arizona Do you ever feel unappreciated or unsupported?
Nov 25th, 2013

What is a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner?

by Tracy Schelle, Psy NP at Strategies for Success in Chandler, Arizona A psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner (PMHNP) is an advanced practice nurse who has an extended scope of practice in psychiatry.
Nov 21st, 2013

Simple Keys to Effective Communication

How to be a great communicator. Published on July 26, 2011 by Clifford N. Lazarus, Ph.D. in Think Well Article from: www.psychologytoday.com
May 27th, 2013

The Naked Truth

by Geneen Roth, www.geneenroth.com Back in the last century, I weighed almost twice as much as I do now—and I desperately wanted to be thin.
May 8th, 2013

What will happen to me if I violate a DOT drug & alcohol rule?

by Elizabeth Rahamim, LCSW, SAP Below you will find information taken from the United States Department of Transportation website (www.dot.gov) regarding Drug & Alcohol Policy & Compliance (www.dot.gov/odapc) for DOT employees (www.dot.gov/odapc/employee)
May 3rd, 2013

Coping with Horrific News

by Elizabeth Rahamim, LCSW, SAP Sadness fills my heart as I think about the participants who were victimized in the bombings today in Boston.
Apr 16th, 2013

Resources, Links and Referrals

by Elizabeth Rahamim, LCSW, SAP Having resources, links and referrals available during tough times can be critical to helping an individual attain the help they need.
Apr 3rd, 2013

Growing Concerns over the Use of Molly

Article from: www.theriversource.org If you’ve heard those around you talking about Molly, but you have yet to meet her, it may be that there is no real Molly after all. With posters asking “Where is molly?”
Mar 29th, 2013

About Group Therapy

By MICHAEL HERKOV, PH.D Group therapy provides psychotherapy treatment in a format where there is typically one therapist and six to twelve participants with related problems.
Mar 8th, 2013

Substance Abuse & Your Teen Seminar

by Elizabeth Rahamim, LCSW, SAP Are you concerned that your teenager may be experimenting in drugs or alcohol? Learn what’s out there right now that many teens may be exposed to.
Mar 5th, 2013

Reflections on Love

By Lisa M. Vallejos, MA, LPC, NCC, Existential Psychotherapy Topic Expert Contributor
Feb 16th, 2013

Death in the Workplace

Dealing With the Death of a Co-Worker By Dawn Rosenberg McKay, About.com Guide
Feb 14th, 2013

Strategies for Success Seminars

Strategies for Success is now offering multi-session seminars designed to educate and inform through group learning and support networks.
Feb 12th, 2013

Treating postpartum depression

By Melissa Lee Phillips Psychotherapy, rather than medication, should be the first line of treatment, research suggests.
Feb 6th, 2013

8 Things to Do After a Lay-off

by Alisha Tillery You’ve been working on a job you either love, hate, or feel indifferently about when you find out you’re being laid off. What happens then?
Feb 4th, 2013

What makes them relapse?

What makes them relapse? RIA research teams look to literature on addictive behavior Published: April 20, 2006
Jan 22nd, 2013

My New Boss has Asperger Syndrome

BY: Leslie Ayres, The Job Search Guru Tips and insights for working with the special gifts and limitations of Aspies in the workplace.
Jan 17th, 2013

Commentary on the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

by Elizabeth Rahamim, LCSW, SAP, Strategies for Success In light of the mass shooting last Friday, I feel it is important first to acknowledge the tremendous loss that not only has been felt within the affected community of Sandy Hook,...
Dec 22nd, 2012

Holiday Party Planning in the Diverse Workplace

By Heidi LaFleche, Monster Contributing Writer Holiday party planning can get dicey when companies add diversity to their merrymaking mix. How do you appeal to all without leaving someone out in the cold?
Dec 20th, 2012

How to Deal With Personal Issues at Work

by Dawn Rosenberg McKay, About.com Guide Personal issues including family problems, life changing situations, emotional difficulties, illness, and even one’s sexual orientation, can impact your job and ultimately your ability to advance your career.
Dec 14th, 2012

Detox and Rehab

by Beth Aileen Lameman What is detox and rehab? Detox describes the cleansing that happens to your body when you stop an addiction or compulsion.
Dec 10th, 2012

Love and Romance in the Workplace

by Harvey Meyer www.businessknowhow.com Romance in the workplace is nothing new, and neither are the problems that can result.
Dec 6th, 2012

Co-Parenting After Divorce

by Sam Margulies in Divorce for Grownups Co-parenting after divorce has become an increasingly attractive and sought after arrangement.
Dec 4th, 2012

Working Smart

by Dr. John C. Maxwell Being successful is not about how hard you work – it’s about how smart you work. Michael LeBoef said, “Devoting a little of yourself to everything means committing a great deal of yourself to nothing.”
Nov 29th, 2012

Organized Habits

by Charlotte Steill, www.simplyputorganizing.com Habits are behavioral routines that occur subconsciously.
Nov 26th, 2012

Rise Above the Fray: How to Deal With Difficult People at Work

By Susan M. Heathfield, About.com Guide Difficult people do exist at work. They come in every variety and no workplace is without them. How difficult a person is for you to deal with depends on your self-esteem, your self-confidence and your professional
Nov 22nd, 2012

20 Anger Management Tips

by Julia Barnard, Counsellor & Author at makethechange.com.au The term ‘anger management’ is used to acknowledge that anger is an inevitable, natural human emotion. It is not about getting rid of anger; rather it is about dealing with those emotions so yo
Nov 20th, 2012