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Psychiatry Evaluation & Medication Management


Strategies for Success offers Psychiatry services to our clients for a variety of needs. Whether you or someone you love may be experiencing symptoms of ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, OCD, Adjustment, Trauma, Impulsivity, aggression or other feelings that you want professional guidance and support, our team can help.



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Easy Access

All of our psychiatry services are provided via a Hipaa-Compliant telemedicine platform. This means you can have immediate access to your providers through video conferencing, saving you a trip across town to meet with someone who has an opening.



This allows us to ensure you have the greatest access to our team of Psychiatrists 7 days a week including evenings and weekend hours for added convenience outside of school and work hours.

By offering access in house to telemedicine psychiatry services, we are able to ensure quick, secure appointments, to address your immediate concerns while still supporting you to facilitate communication between your team of providers. This saves you time and eliminates the stress of going from one office to another, retelling your story each time you go to a new provider.


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  • Lab Work must be completed prior to your first appointment with your prescriber, with the results back within 3 days of your Psychiatric Evaluation Appointment.
  • All Paperwork comes with a charge of $75.00, for the time the provider takes to complete the document requested. Your provider has the option to refuse to complete the paperwork as it is at their discretion. Alternatively, they may want to meet with your for 3-6 sessions, for example, until they are willing to complete your paperwork, as they need to make a sound clinical judgement when completing the paperwork, and cannot do this after a first meeting or several meetings. Unfortunately, insurance does not cover this service. It may take a provider 3-4 weeks to complete paperwork, so please plan accordingly. They are very busy!
  • Refills. Please allow up to 7 days for a refill. The decision is made by your prescriber only, as to whether or not they choose to refill your prescription without seeing you for your appointment first. The Admin team will relay your request, but have no control of whether or not your provider responds to your request for a refill. Do not wait until the day you run out of your prescription. If you miss or delay your appointment for when your refill will be replenished, there is no guarantee your provider will be willing to refill that prescription until your return for your next appointment. We suggest you always attend your scheduled appointments to avoid any delay in obtaining your refills!!



Dr. Zev Alexander


Dr. Zev Alexander

After graduating residency I decided to continue my training so that I could provide psychotherapy as well as manage the medications for my patients. I became a psychoanalyst and for the past ten years, I have built a practice around the individual needs of each patient. I think that people truly benefit from psychodynamic talk therapy and each person needs to be assessed for if psychiatric medications are necessary for them as well as what overall lifestyle changes can be helpful. I like to work closely and intensively with people so that we can accomplish their goals.

My specialty is the technique of finding patterns in how a person’s mind works. Often times there are numerous conflicts that keep a person stuck and through insight and learning about themselves a person can reduce their symptoms and improve relationships and achieve their goals. I am able to see patients over video conference software which allows us to communicate with audio and a visual connection. My practice is run through Strategies For Success and the staff manage the scheduling, billing, and arranging the computer session. I am medically licensed in the State of Arizona.

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