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Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by ongoing difficulties with inattention or hyperactivity and impulsivity. Symptoms of ADHD appear during childhood and continue into adulthood. The mental health specialists at Strategies for Success, with offices in Success in Chandler, Gilbert, Anthem and Casa Grande, Arizona, provide comprehensive management for ADHD. There are multiple treatment options available, including medication management, therapy, and neurofeedback. For an evaluation and treatment plan, call the office nearest you or schedule an appointment online today. Telemedicine appointments are available.


What is ADHD?

Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD is a brain disorder that affects development and behavior. It’s a long-term condition that first appears during childhood. However, symptoms of ADHD vary, and it’s not uncommon to go undiagnosed for years. 

In children, early diagnosis and treatment for ADHD help with learning and social interactions. When left untreated, ADHD may lead to other mental health problems like depression or anxiety.

If you have concerns about ADHD, for you or your child, schedule a consultation at Strategies for Success.

What are the symptoms of ADHD?

Signs and symptoms of ADHD fall into two categories: inattention and hyperactivity/impulsivity. 


With inattention, you may struggle to focus on instructions, make careless mistakes, or have a hard time following conversations. Inattention may also affect your ability to stay organized and manage your time. 

Hyperactivity and impulsivity 

With hyperactivity and impulsivity, you may struggle to sit still, feel the need to always be on the go, or interrupt others when they’re talking. You may also have a hard time waiting your turn.

People with ADHD may have a more dominant symptom. They may be more inattentive than hyperactive, or vice versa. Dominant symptoms may change over time. 

How is ADHD diagnosed?

Your provider at Strategies for Success conducts a comprehensive evaluation to diagnose ADHD. To diagnose the neurodevelopmental condition, you must have symptoms of ADHD that interfere with your ability to manage your day-to-day life and responsibilities. 

The practice may also perform metabolic DNA testing to see what environmental and physiological factors are causing you to exhibit symptoms as a result of your DNA type. That may include some adverse food types, vitamins, metals, minerals, and other factors that cause physical and emotional symptoms. 

How is ADHD treated?

ADHD is a lifelong disorder that requires ongoing care and management. Traditional treatment for ADHD includes a combination of prescription medication and therapy. Strategies for Success also uses neurofeedback as a non-drug treatment option for ADHD.

Prescription medication

To manage ADHD symptoms, your provider may prescribe stimulant medication. This medication increases certain brain chemicals that improve your ability to focus.

Strategies for Success performs DNA pharmaceutical testing to see which psychotropic medication might work best with your DNA type. 


Strategies for Success utilizes many therapeutic techniques to help you understand your ADHD and create habits that improve your daily life. Therapy may include cognitive-behavioral therapy, behavioral therapy, group therapy, or family therapy. 


Strategies for Success offers neurofeedback treatments to help patients with ADHD. Neurofeedback helps create new neural pathways in your brain to enhance health and functioning. 

For expert care of ADHD, call Strategies for Success, or schedule an appointment online today.