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Self-Care During Covid-19

Self-Care During Covid-19

During this Covid19 Pandemic, we are all experiencing added stressors, making life even more challenging. Working around trying to juggle work and home, attempting to levy worries about the future with mindfulness of this day, take care of our mental health and physical health with restrictions and changes to our daily routine, managing already stressful days or special needs with added safety precautions. We are all doing our best and we are not in this alone.

What we can do is focus on our locus of control. What DO we have control over, versus the things out of our control? Being able to distinguish between the two is immensely helpful in gaining a sense of control in the now. These lists are not all-encompassing, of course. What would you add?

Some things OUT of our control:

Some things IN our control:

Whether counseling is something you have thought about for a while, currently engaged in, or still considering. It is always helpful to have a list, as long as possible, of activities and items that are self-soothing to you. As counselors, we are passionate about helping you identify what these things are and how to incorporate them into your daily life. After all, one mindful minute can do wonders.

What is Telehealth and Why Would I Want it?

Counseling can be whatever you need it to be. Whether you need support processing heavy emotions, problem solving areas you feel stuck, or having a safe space to let your guard down and ‘be seen’. We are here for you. Our secure Clocktree HIPAA Compliant telehealth system allows us to meet wherever you’re comfortable. We can meet in your home, comfy nook in your living room, office, or even your car, all with the security and confidentiality of in-office sessions.

Strategies for Success can partner with you. As access to mental health support becomes ever more important during this period of change and increased stress, many insurance providers have waived copays or reduced fees. Many companies also have employee assistance providers (EAP) which allow for counseling sessions. Please check with your EAP and insurance provider, as they can indicate if there will be any cost to you.

Wellness is a holistic practice. At Strategies for Success, you will find skilled professional therapists and psychiatrists to assist in helping you target specific needs, medication assessments and prescription management to take care of your whole self. We are ready to partner with you; Mental health counseling and psychiatric services, ready to meet with you in whatever way best fits your needs. Providers at Strategies for Success will meet you where you are comfortable. Online telehealth counseling sessions, telehealth psychiatric services, and telephone sessions are available. All therapeutic services are conducted through state-of-the-art HIPPA compliant software, so you can be assured your service is always safe and confidential. We are also able to provide in-person sessions, based upon need. You are not alone.


Heidi Hill, MSC, LAC and Team SFS

If you or a friend/family member needs the assistance of a licensed counselor or psychiatrist, we offer quality over-the-phone and in person sessions to help fit any personal needs.

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