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Support Groups and Educational Seminars offer Strategies for Success in Chandler

[Chandler, AZ] Strategies for Success is pleased to announce that it now offers Educational and Informational group learning Seminars and Support Networks in its Chandler-based offices.

“Seminars are a wonderful way to gain confidence in the area of focus that you attend,” says Strategies for Success founder Elizabeth Rahamim, LCSW, SAP. “By attending, you can gain insight, validation and specific, practical, hands-on tools to improve your understanding about the seminar topic of your choice.”

Interested parties are encouraged to join at any time. Each session will be separate in content to allow for more flexibility. Each Seminar varies with number of sessions available. Gift certificates are available. Visit or call (480) 252-5152 for pricing information and to register.

The seminars will be led by Strategies for Success staff member, Sandra Wiley, LCSW, who has more than 25 years of experience in a multitude of arenas, including mental health agencies, schools, medical facilities, advocacy centers, drug court systems, and the business sector. She has taught social work courses at ASU for many years and provides presentations and seminars to the public. Samples of presentations that she has delivered include a nationally based documentary on domestic violence, suicide prevention, diagnostics, healing the mind, breaking the cycle of child-abuse, and purposeful living.

Following is a brief description of each seminar being offered now:

Adjusting to Life as a New Mom

Ok. You’ve made it through the pregnancy, given birth to your new baby, now what? Do you find yourself overwhelmed, anxious or maybe even a little depressed or isolated? You have just gone through one of the biggest changes you will ever go through in your life, and it may be a journey you never expected. This seminar will take you through your own process and help you identify a personalized Strategy for Success for you to make that adjustment into motherhood that much easier. For moms with babies who aren’t mobile yet, babies welcome, no siblings. Five (5) Sessions.

Parenting Workshop-Preschool Age, Elementary School Age

Why didn’t my child enter this world with an instruction manual? This parenting thing is way harder than I ever thought. Come to this class to learn how to keep your cool when you are disciplining your child in an appropriate way. You will learn to identify your personality type, your partner’s personality type and your child’s personality type, and develop a parenting strategy that works well while focusing on building self-confidence and bonding for both parents and children alike. Three (3) sessions. Both parents strongly encouraged to attend.

Substance Abuse & Your Teen

Are you concerned that your teenager may be experimenting in drugs or alcohol? Learn what’s out there right now that many teens may be exposed to. With modern technology, information is so readily available teens and parents have a naive sense of security and safety when it comes to drugs and alcohol use. Learn about the Physical and emotional changes and common signs and symptoms parents need to be aware of and how and when to intervene. Learn strategies to communicate with your child on this very sensitive topic. Three (3) sessions, both parents are strongly encouraged to attend if available.

Grief and Loss Support Network for Parents who have lost their child to Addiction

An ongoing support group for parent(s) who have lost a child to drug or alcohol addiction. This multi-session seminar consists of six (6) sessions at $45 per session and is ongoing. Participation in each session is strongly advised, however makeup sessions are available.

Depression & Anxiety Support Network

An Ongoing Support Network for adults who have experienced depression and/or anxiety for 6 months or more, and are struggling to find their strategy for success to experience relief in their personal life or at work. Will take a look at coping skills, stress management techniques, interpersonal relationships and more. Will also incorporate speakers on various topics and audiovisual media to enhance the experience. Class sold in increments of five (5) sessions at a time.


About Strategies for Success:

Strategies for Success offers individual, couples and family counseling along with support networks and educational and informational group learning Seminars. Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Professional Counselors, a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner for Psychiatric Evaluation and Medication Management, a Substance Abuse Professional (DOT) and Critical Incident Stress Management Debriefings facilitators make up this highly trained team of professionals. By facilitating self-understanding, psychotherapy can help build an increased capacity to live, love, work and play. Strategies for Success can help develop “A Problem Solving Approach to a Healthier Life.”


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